Say you need to pick up some hard cash for a range of small businesses and deliver them safely and securely to the bank for deposit. Now it’s the end of the day, you're at the bank and you can’t tell which is which! You now have to go through a huge pile of identical deposit bags and hope you don’t give them the wrong one!

Fortunately, GeoOp has the solution!

GeoOp’s barcode scanner and barcode reporting allow you to capture and keep track of multiple barcodes easily. Simply capture a barcode, add to your notes and save them to a job. You can then export these barcodes into a single, detailed report for easy review.

Scanning a barcode

GeoOp’s barcode scanner and barcode report tool work on the mobile version only (however you can view barcode reports on the desktop version). This makes it easier for you to collect the information you need when out on the job. Barcodes are added and stored to Jobs so you can easily keep track of what clients you’ve collected from.

To add a barcode to a job, go to the JOBS LIST in the app’s menu. Then select the job that you need to add a barcode for. In the job go to the NOTES tab and select the + icon, then select BARCODE SCANNER.

GeoOp will then open the phone’s camera and allow you to scan the barcode. A scan will not only take a picture of the barcode but read and store the unique digits of that barcode. If you would like to rescan the barcode you can by selecting RESCAN at the bottom of the screen. Once your barcode is captured, select DONE in the top right-hand corner.

You can then add any notes or description about the barcode (e.g. Barcode 1 of 1 for Bookstore bank deposit) but this step is optional. Once you’re happy with your scan select SAVE to complete the process.

This will take you back to NOTES and show the newly scanned barcode as an attachment. When you select a barcode from this menu you can review any notes, view the photo of the scanned barcode and export it.

Creating a Barcode Report

Barcode reports pull the data from all the barcodes you’ve scanned across your jobs and puts them in one place.

To create a barcode report select a job from the JOBS LIST page. Then go to the NOTES tab, click the + icon in the top right-hand corner and select BARCODE REPORT. This will take you to the list of jobs that are available to convert into a report.

This will be:

  • Jobs that have the status set to Completed
  • Jobs that have a booking based on the current date
  • Jobs that have been assigned to the user currently logged in

From the list, select the jobs that you wish to be included in the report using the toggles then select COMBINE in the top right-hand corner.

The app will then show a list of barcodes from the jobs you’ve selected. These are the barcodes that will display on your barcode report. Setting the toggles to green will allow the report to display a green tick next to each barcode (note: setting a toggle to off instead of green won’t remove that barcode from your report, it just won’t have a green tick next to it). To complete the process, add your name and signature at the bottom of the screen and then select GENERATE in the top right-hand corner.

GeoOp will then display your report as a PDF. Your report will contain all your necessary information including:

  • Your company logo
  • Your name
  • Date and time of creation
  • Unique document number

Next to each barcode contains the following:

  • Job Name
  • Status
  • Client
  • Date and time
  • Location

The bottom of the report shows the Job Name, Job Status, Date & Time, Location and Name & Signature of the job you created the report from.

You can share the report from the app by clicking the SHARE icon in the right-hand corner. Reports can be shared via email, AirDrop, messages and Facebook Messenger. Selecting SHARE also allows you to print, save to an external folder or copy the PDF.

The barcode report is stored in the NOTES section of the job it was created in should you need to access it in future.

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