Allocating jobs to your staff is a core part of the job, but there’s nothing more annoying than having one or two staff members come back and say they aren’t available right after you’ve just finished creating a new roster. What started out as a simple task quickly becomes a day of back and forth calls and chopping and changing shifts.

Fortunately, Unavailability on GeoOp means this is a thing of the past.

Unavailability allows you to schedule and manage your job allocation in relation to your staff’s availability, making it easier for you to assign tasks. Just from your staff entering their unavailable hours into GeoOp, you gain complete visibility into their schedules.

How to set-up Unavailability

First you’ll need to go to the Settings page and choosing Unavailability from the menu on the left-hand side. There are already some default categories in place such as annual leave and sick leave, but you can add in new categories to better suit your business.

To add a new category, simply click on the ‘Add New’ button at the bottom of the list. Clicking the - icon next to a category will delete it. You can create an unlimited amount of categories to suit any type of unavailability your staff may need.

Assign Unavailability via the Schedule

There are a few ways you can show when you’re unavailable to work in GeoOp. One way is via the Schedule page. Simply go to ‘Schedule’ in the top navigation menu, hover your mouse over ‘Add’ and select ‘Add Leave’.

From there a side panel will appear where you can select your name, the type of leave and the duration of the leave. Clicking ‘Save’ will create the entry and show that you’re unavailable for that select period of time.

Once saved, your leave will be visible to everyone on the Schedule page located on the right-hand side panel.

Assign Unavailability via the Staff page

Unavailability can also be created from the Staff page. From there click on your staff profile (or the profile of the person you wish to request unavailability for).

Next, click on the ‘Unavailability’ tab near the top of the page and then click the green ‘New’ button on the right-hand side. Then choose the type of leave, a description of the leave and the duration by date and time.

Unavailability for mobile users

Unavailability is also available on the GeoOp mobile app. How you access it varies between IOS and Android devices:

For Android: This is available from the side-bar menu (tapping the G with the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner). Unavailability can be accessed under the ‘People’ heading on the menu.

For IOS: This is available under Settings in the side-bar menu of the app.

The mobile app on both IOS and Android allows you to create, edit and delete unavailability entries. It does not allow you to create or delete categories, however.

Tapping the + icon in the top right-hand corner will take you to the form where you can create a new unavailability entry. After you enter the staff member, type of leave, description and duration, tap ‘Save’ in the top right-hand corner to complete the entry.

Mobile users are also not able to view all unavailability entries on the Schedule page as you can on the GeoOp desktop version.

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