GeoPay is faster, easier to use, simple to implement and more importantly means you’ll be able to collect, track and report on all your transactions from the one place. Make the switch today and improve your business cash flow!

We've improved GeoPay based on customer feedback - that we needed to make it more user friendly. Integration with the Stripe payment collection platform plus an improved User Interface has transformed GeoPay into a simple and effective way to collect card payments from your customers, as soon as a job's completed.

The screen shot below shows the improved User Interface and what you'll see on your job card from now on:

Initial Setup

To use new GeoPay you'll need to connect the Stripe payment collection platform to GeoOp. If you already have a Stripe account you'll need to login, if you don't have a Stripe account you'll need to set one up by using the Stripe Registration link below.

Once you have a Stripe account:

Go to Settings > Company Account > GeoPay, click on the 'Connect to Stripe’ button. This will lead to a second page shown here:

Simply click on 'Connect my Stripe account’ and you're done. All your GeoPay transactions will then be processed and recorded in Stripe.

It is important to note that the country you set in Stripe will automatically be detected and show in the settings for GeoPay. For Australian companies you'll need to put your ABN number into the settings, so that your invoices will be tax compliant. The same goes for New Zealand GST numbers.

How to use GeoPay

Once you've connected GeoOp to Stripe, there are some final set up steps to complete before you can collect payments using GeoPay. For Australian customers follow the instructions below:

First add your parts and charges to the job.

Second click "Collect GeoPay", this will be followed by a prompt asking 3 things:

  • Do you want to pass on the transaction fee to your client?
  • Would you like to send GeoPay Via SMS?
  • Would you like to send GeoPay via Email?

Once you've ticked your options click the send payment button and your client will be sent a message prompting them to make a payment.

Via email it will look like this:

Via SMS it will look like this.

By clicking the 'Make Payment' button they will be prompted to put in their credit card details.

Once completed the initial invoice will transform into a tax receipt.

The payment will be stored in Stripe and reconciled in GeoOp, ready to be pushed through to your accounting system if you are set up with one.

If you want to find the invoice inside GeoOp it can be done by going to the 'Time & Parts' tab, clicking on the GeoPay line item and clicking on the URL:

Transaction Fees

Please be aware that GeoPay transaction fees have changed to reflect the integration with Stripe (See details below)

Introductory Offer: From Tuesday 23/04/19 to Tuesday 21/05/19 the transaction fee for all Australian Credit Cards when making GeoPay payments will be 2.25% + 30 cents (reverting to the new GeoPay transaction fee of 2.75% + 30 cents from Wednesday 22/05/19)

From Tuesday 23/04/19 to Tuesday 21/04/19 the transaction fee for all Non-Australian Credit Cards will be 3.40% + 30 cents (reverting tot he new GeoPay transaction fee of 3.90% + 30 cents from Wednesday 22/04/19)

These fees are aligned with industry standards. If you wish to adjust how much of the fee is passed onto your customer, you can do so by going to Settings > Company Account > GeoPay, you can adjust the amounts in increments of 10%.

Want to know more?

Receiving Payouts from Stripe

When you start processing live payments from your customers with Stripe, you will not receive your first payout until 7–10 days after your first successful payment is received. The first payout usually takes a little longer in order to establish the Stripe account. Subsequent payouts are then processed according to your account’s payout schedule.

Our customer service team will be in touch soon to explain how new GeoPay works and to set up a time to show you how to easily make the switch.

You can also:

  • Call us on 1300 4643 667
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