Here are the possible factors that could be causing this latency:

• Internet connection stability (be it WiFi or mobile data)
• App glitch which can be corrected with one the following

- Log out of the app and log back in again to resync information
- Close the GeoOp app using the phone's task manager
- Uninstall and re-install the app

• Phone might be running too many open apps
- Your staff might have multiple apps open which could be causing their phones memory or mobile data to be used up, potentially causing the latency.
- In order to avoid this they should open the task manager on their phone and close all apps currently running (including GeoOp, just reopen GeoOp after this) to free up phone memory and avoid unnecessary use of mobile data.

• Pending phone OS update
- There is a possibility that your phone needs to be updated. Go to the settings of your phone and look for the update option to check for updates.

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