In the GeoOp app, when entering a job there is a start timer option available at the bottom of the screen.

From here your employees can track the time they spend on a job and bill it. But sometimes you just want to track your staff members and not include the time within the invoice. You can actually do that and here's how.

For Android:

Once you stop the timer you'll be directed to the Edit Timer screen where you can provide a "Charge Rate" and enter a description. If you do not want the time to be recorded on the invoice before hitting save you have to untick the "Billable" box near the top of the screen.

For iPhone:

To ensure that the recorded time is not invoiced, once you've stopped the timer you will have to manually go to "Charges" and then from this screen select "No" for the "To Invoice" option.

This is how your time and parts should look like after unticking "Billable" and selecting "no" from "To invoice" (non-invoiced charges highlighted in the orange box below):

This allows you to invoice and not worry about the entered time of your staff members.

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