• Wrong app version

Sometimes we fix performance bugs in the platform that make the app run faster, ensuring you have the latest app version is key.

  • Apps on the phone are causing memory problems.

We all have made the mistake of installing way too many apps. Especially on older phones, some apps use a lot more resources than others and can make GeoOp appear slower than it would be on a phone.

  • Parts & charges volume

Sometimes customers have thousands and thousands of parts. GeoOp is our older platform, and as such there are some performance challenges with it that we have improved on our newer platform, GeoService. One way to take advantage of this is to migrate from GeoOp to GeoService. This can be done by calling the office or sending an email to support@geoop.com and we can help you make the leap. The new platform is much faster and can really make things work easier.

It also has other features not available on GeoOp.

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