Invoicing is a crucial part of any business that aims to make a profit. When done incorrectly it can be frustrating and cost the company.

Once a part or charge has been invoiced in a job, it cannot be changed without undoing the "invoice run".

To identify whether an item has been invoiced or not, simply view the final column "Invoiced" from within the time and parts tab of any job. If the contents of the box contain the word "Yes" then this item has already been invoiced and the invoice run will need to be undone to edit the item.

To undo the invoice, simply click on the word "Yes", this will now take you to the invoice run page, then select "Undo Invoice Run"

Congratulations, you have now successfully undone the invoice run. You will be redirected to the invoice run page. If you want to go back to the job click the back button on your browser twice.

If you return to the time and parts tab the Invoice column will now display the word "No", in which case you can freely make any changes to the item.

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