You need to ensure that you have GPS tracking allowed in 2 places on each device you'd like to track. In the GeoOp app settings, and in the phone/device settings.

If both of these are active, by default GeoOp will track staff when they interact with the app, so if they change a status of a job, or upload a note it will also send through a location. These settings are adjustable from within the app.

Staff on GeoMap

Staff locations appear as little coloured dots on the GeoMap - with the staff initials on the latest known location. you can use the slider at the top to change how far into the past you can see.

Clicking on any of the dots will give you information about when the staff member was recorded at this location, as well as contact details for the staff member.

Staff are selected from the top left menu, then click 'Add to Map'. The colour of staff dots will match the colour selected for that staff member from the Staff List. Staff can be removed from the map by clicking on the - Symbol.

Jobs on the GeoMap

Jobs can also be added to the GeoMap.

These can be filtered by scheduled, Unscheduled or ALL, as well as then filtered by the job status. Each time you select some jobs, they can be added to the GeoMap with different coloured pins. For example, you can selected all the unscheduled jobs with a 'confirmed' status to display with an Orange pin - while having all the 'In Progress' jobs displayed with blue.

Clicking on a job pin will bring up the details of the job and you can click straight through to the job card or client from here.

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