As an administrator of a GeoOp account you are able to update the credit card details that GeoOp will charge.

Go to Settings > Company Account > then scroll down to Subscription

Here you will see your current subscription plan, the number of active licences and be able to change your credit card details.

Once you click on this, you will see the following pop up message

Then you will be able to add new credit card details

A few common Questions:

How do I make a payment?

Secure payments are made by credit card on a monthly basis and we accept both Visa and Mastercard.

Why have I been charged $1 on my credit card?

To ensure your secure credit card details are correct, a $1 charge will be made to you when adding or updating a credit card. This is purely for verification purposes and the $1 charge is immediately refunded to you.

Do your prices include tax?

Our prices exclude tax for all countries, apart from New Zealand (which is set to 15%).

What currency is GeoOp billed in?

We bill in USD, AUD, NZD, EUR or GBP depending on your region. Outside of these regions, the default billing currency is USD.

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