Staff come and go, it’s only natural. But if you’re not keeping up to date with your staff in Geo, you may find your staff list cluttered up with old members of your team. But now you can select and delete more than one staff member in Geo, so cleaning up is quick and easy.

How it works

Selecting and deleting staff in bulk is as easy as clicking a button.

When you go to your staff list from the main Geo menu, you’ll notice some empty checkboxes on the left-hand side of each staff member’s name. Clicking any of those boxes turns the box blue, showing that that particular staff member has been selected. You can select as many staff as you like and also deselect them by clicking the checkbox back to white.

To delete staff members in bulk simply check as many boxes as you need from the list and then click the trash icon. Be mindful that once a staff member is deleted they can’t be recovered so make sure you don’t delete someone by accident!

And of course, you won’t be able to delete yourself from Geo (don’t worry).

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