Your clients are a big part of your business. Without them you wouldn’t even have a business! But as your business grows and you start to get more clients it can become tricky to make changes or remove old clients.

That’s where client bulk actions come in to help make things easier.

How it works

On your client list you’ll notice a check box next to each client profile. By clicking these you can select multiple clients so that you can update the status or delete them in bulk. Clicking the check box at the top of the list will select all your clients if needed.

Update status in bulk

With client bulk actions you can update the status of multiple clients at once. The only limitation is that you can change your selected clients to one kind of status at once. For example, if you select five clients you can’t change three of them to be active and the other two to archived.

To update your clients status, select the clients you wish to update and then select status you wish to change them to.

Delete in bulk

After selecting the clients you want to delete, click the trash icon at the top of clients list to delete them. Remember, once deleted you will be unable to recover your client’s info so be mindful.

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