Use MYOB? Use Geo? Now you can use both at the same time!

Integrating your MYOB account with Geo lets you import information from MYOB to Geo, as well as sync up your info so what you do on one platform shows up on the other.

Why integrate MYOB to Geo?

Linking up your MYOB and Geo accounts helps to make the best of both systems. When using multiple systems it can be tricky to juggle them successfully. Info can get lost on one or get duplicated which in turn causes more confusion. Integration allows you to work across both MYOB and Geo at the same time.

Info that is already in MYOB can be brought over to Geo so you don't need to enter them in manually and any changes you make in Geo will automatically sync up with MYOB. Not only is this a huge time saver but it makes working across both platforms nice and simple.

At present MYOB and Geo allow you to import and sync your client and tax info, with more features coming soon!

What types of MYOB accounts work with integration?

At present MYOB AccountRight is the only version that will work on Geo. More options will become available in the near future.

How to connect MYOB to Geo

To start, go to Settings on the main Geo sidebar menu and then select Integrations. You'll be taken to the main integrations page where you can select MYOB from the list of available options. Clicking on this will take you to the MYOB site where you'll be asked to log in. Logging in authenticates your account and allows Geo to connect with it. Once you've successfully logged in you'll be asked to select the MYOB Company File you want to use with your MYOB username and password.

Once your MYOB and Geo accounts are linked you can now select what you would like to bring over from MYOB onto Geo. At present you can select from the following options:

  • Tax (Chart of Accounts)
  • Clients (Contacts)

What does the integration involve?

Depending on what you bring over and how you use Geo and MYOB the integration can do the following:

Taxes/Chart of Accounts

  • When a Tax / Chart of Account is created, deleted or updated on MYOB, this will all be reflected on Geo
  • All Geo Tax Rates will be replaced with MYOB Tax Rates and managed from MYOB

Clients / Customers

  • When a Client / Customer is created, deleted or updated on MYOB, this will be reflected on Geo
  • When a Client / Customer is deleted on Geo, this will NOT be deleted in MYOB but instead marked as Inactive
  • When a Client / Customer is updated on Geo, this will be updated in MYOB

Disconnecting from MYOB

Should you ever want to sever your connection between MYOB and Geo you can decide what info you would like to keep or delete from MYOB.

To disconnect simply go back to Settings on the menu sidebar and then Integrations. Then click on disconnect on the MYOB section of the list. This will trigger a pop up that will ask what info you would like to keep or delete.

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