When you’re finished doing a bunch of jobs for the day, remembering how much time you spent on each task can be tricky. This leaves the door open for errors which could lead to you charging clients inaccurately.

But with Geo Timer you can know exactly how long you spent on all your jobs. It will keep the time for you (down to the minute) so you don’t have to rely on guesswork to get paid.

Add a timer to a job

From the job overview page on Geo mobile you’ll see a timer underneath priority for each of your jobs. The timer is a simple stopwatch with a giant green START button on the right-hand side. Clicking this button will automatically start your timer (so only press it when you’re ready to start working). The button will then change to a red STOP button.

Geo timer will then start counting the time duration for you as you work. Once you’re finished with your job select STOP.

This will take you to a new screen, the time entry screen, that will show you your time.

The time entry screen

From the time entry screen you can go back and continue running the timer by selecting the x icon in the top right-hand side, stop and save the timer by selecting the tick icon in the top left-hand side, or delete your timer altogether by clicking discard at the bottom of the screen.

Here you can also select your timer type (regular, overtime, travel time or break) and add any notes related to the job. Make sure to do these before stopping your timer.

Clock in and out

With Geo Timer you can also clock in and out of work.

You can access this from the main side-bar menu under Timer.

This takes you to a plain page that allows you to clock in and out of work with ease. If you’re not already clocked in you can do so by clicking the green CLOCK IN button at the bottom of the screen. This will change the button to red and begin keeping time for you.

When you’re ready to clock out click on the red CLOCK OUT button. This will stop the running timer and take you to another time entry screen.

Important: If you have a clock in running and then you start a timer on an individual job, you will be asked to clock in again once that job timer has been saved.

Clock in and out time entry screen

Similarly to the job timer this screen allows you to go back to the timer with the x icon on the right hand side, save the time entry with the tick icon on the left hand side, or discard the time entry with the DISCARD button.

Here you can also set the timer type (regular, overtime, travel time and break) and add any notes if needed.

Other things about the Geo Timer

  • All time entries are saved in timesheets as a draft
  • Time entries less than a minute won’t be saved
  • If a timer has been started from a job, there will be a red dot on the job icon
  • If a timer has been started from the timer tab, there will be a red dot on the timer icon
  • If a timer is running you won’t be able to start another timer. Only one timer can run at any given time
  • When a timer is running you can use the rest of Geo as normal
  • If a timer entry clashes with staff unavailability, the warning “overlaps with existing unavailability” will appear
  • Timer will keep running even when your phone is locked
  • If you force quit the Geo app timer will continue running
  • If you log into Geo on another device the timer will keep running
  • If you enter an area with no reception timer will keep running in offline mode
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