Jobs are a core part of Geo and while they’re handy, they can pile up and leave your job list looking cluttered. You want to be able to focus on the jobs that need doing, as well as your most recently completed jobs. That’s where bulk actions come in.

It allows you to select multiple jobs at once and make changes to them without having to do it one by one. Now you can update (status and priority), archive/unarchive and delete jobs in bulk and have one less thing on your plate.

How it works

Bulk actions are incredibly easy to use. On the left-hand side of each job is a checkbox that allows you to select as many jobs as you like. Checking the box at the top of the job list will also select all your jobs for you.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to select jobs based on a single action you want to do. For example, if you have 20 jobs and you want to delete 10 and archive 10, you won’t be able to select all 20 and do both actions at the same time. You’d need to select the jobs you want to delete first, delete them, then select the jobs you wish to archive.

Deleting jobs in bulk

To delete jobs select all the jobs that you wish to delete and then click the trash icon at the top of the list. If you have a recurring job in place, only delete the job profile you wish to delete and any other jobs in the recurrence will not be affected.

Any jobs deleted with quotes or invoiced attached to them will also be deleted so be careful!

Archiving/unarchiving jobs in bulk

This option is only available for team leaders and admins on Geo.

By default Geo will only show unarchived jobs on the main jobs list. To view any of your archived jobs click on view archived in the top left hand side of the page.

To archive multiple jobs select all relevant jobs and click the archive icon at the top of the job list. The same can be done from the archive list to unarchived jobs.

Once jobs have been archived, you will only be able to delete or unarchive them. You won’t be able to edit these jobs, including add notes, quotes or invoices to them.

Updating priority and status in bulk

As mentioned before, you're only able to update jobs to the same status at one time. For example, you can select 10 jobs and change them to completed, but you can’t select 10 and update them to different statuses at once.

To update job priority simply select all the relevant jobs and click on priority in the top left-hand corner. From the dropdown select from low, normal or high. Once you click on your chosen option all your selected jobs will be updated.

For status simply select all your chosen jobs, click on status and pick from the drop-down what you would like to update your jobs to.

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