To set up the Location settings, tap on SETTINGS.


Inside the Location Settings, you can manage the tracking set up. For Background location tracking, it must be modified from the device settings since it will only appear once when you first log in to the app. By default, location tracking is disabled to enhance battery life. The user will need to enable the setting "Send location periodically" in order to do the following in the browser console:

  • Show locations for staff on the scheduling screen
  • Show locations on the map screen

Please also see Mobile App.

Today's Activity shows locations tracked by the app. Sharing Frequency affects your battery usage, meaning the faster the frequency is the higher battery usage is for your device.


From Settings, tap on Queue to see the list of transactions in the app.

From Queue, you can see your current, suspended or all action items in the app.

For items to be completed by the system, you can find them in queue under the CURRENT tab. This usually happens when we have multiple items created in one session and it would stack them in queue to show you which action is prioritized. It also shows you the actions in queue once you work on offline mode.

If you have weak internet connection, the jobs would be stacked in queue under CURRENT. It will also indicate how many trials have been initiated by the system.

If the items have been processed 10 times but still failed, they would then be transferred to the SUSPENDED queue.

If you want to requeue the item, tap on the cloud icon to bring it back to current.

It will ask you for a confirmation of the requeue request for the specific transaction.

If you want to requeue all transactions, tap on REQUEUE ALL.

It will ask you for a confirmation of the requeue request for all transaction.

Tap on HISTORY, to view list of all transactions in the app.

You can also delete the transaction in the list by tapping on the 'X' button beside the item and you'll receive a pop up message asking for a confirmation.

To check on the details of the app, tap on ABOUT.

On this page, you'll see the version of GEO. Make sure to always update the app for the latest version.

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