Every detail matters when you’re interacting with clients. From the first email to the final payment, maintaining that personal connection is vital in not only getting the job done but ensuring that clients want to book you for future work.

Using a custom template for your quotes and invoices helps with just that. It's the added personalised touch that shows clients that you mean business.

The Templates tab

Any custom templates you create live in your Settings. To access them go to the Settings page and click on the Templates tab. Only Admins can create, edit and delete custom templates so make sure you have the right permissions on your Geo account.

On the Templates page clicking the eye icon on the right-hand side will show you a preview of any templates you’ve created.

Creating a new template

Clicking Add Template in the top right-hand corner begins the process to creating your custom invoice or quote.

Here you’ll be taken to the default template. Here you can edit the template with your own logo and signature to create your custom template for quotes and invoices.

First thing you’ll need to do is name your template at the top of the screen in the Template Name box.

Next add your company logo by clicking Add Logo on the right-hand side. This opens a window on your desktop to find and select an appropriate image. After you select the right file click Open and the logo will appear on the template.

You can also add a signature at the bottom of your template. To do this click Add Signature at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Similar to adding a company logo, this triggers a window for you to add a file on your computer. You’ll need to have a digital image of your signature to complete this process.

Once you’ve selected your chosen file, click open and your signature will appear on the template.

Clicking Add Signatory will display a text box where you can type in the name of the signature holder. Clicking the tick will save your changes.

Lastly, you can add your Australian Business Number (ABN) by clicking on Add field in the top right-hand corner, under your business address.

This will open a text box where you can type in your ABN. To save click the tick icon and to delete and leave out an ABN click the X icon.

You can also add in payment details with the add field button on the left-hand side under your material and labour section of the template.

Once you're happy with your template click Save Template in the top right-hand corner to complete the process.

Editing a Template

On the main template menu you can edit any template (except for the default template) by clicking on the pencil icon on the right-hand side. This will open the template and you’ll be able to make any necessary changes.

Deleting a Template

To delete a template click the trash icon on the right-hand side. All templates can be deleted except for the default template.

How to use your custom templates

Now it’s time to put those custom templates to use. When creating a Quote or Invoice select from the dropdown under the quote template section of the form. All you need to do is select the template you want and you’re good to go.

Custom templates on mobile

If those on-the-go custom templates can also be accessed on the Geo mobile app. At present you can’t create a new custom template on the Geo app, but you can use any template that you or your team have made on the Geo desktop version.

Whenever you need to make a Quote or Invoice you’ll see a field called 'Document template'. The Default Template will always be set as the default at first.

When you click on this field you’ll be taken to your list of Templates that will have been made from the Geo desktop version.

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