Map on Job Wizard

When adding a Job you'll now be able to see a map on the left hand side of the Add Job Wizard.

  • When you first open the Add Job Wizard, the map default will show you where your staff are now. The zoom level ensures that all staff are shown
  • When you add a Client, if they have no address or their address is not geocoded, we will continue to only display where your staff are. If they have an address that is geocoded, we will add a job pointer on the map to show where the Job will be located. The zoom level ensures that the job pointer and staff members are all shown.

Photo - Job pointer based on GeoCoded Job Address

Photo - No Job pointer as Job Address is not GeoCoded

  • You will then add in a Job Name and Job Description
  • You will then move to the ADD BOOKING screen, at first the map will continue to show what was on the previous screen
  • On the ADD BOOKING screen if you change the Timezone this should not affect what is shown on the map
  • On the ADD BOOKING screen after the Timezone field is Staff. When you select a staff member, all 'other' staff will be removed from the map and we will only show the staff member that has been selected. The zoom level will not change and the job pointer will still be visible.
  • On the ADD BOOKING screen when the date is changed the map will change to show the jobs where the selected staff are assigned that day
  • Use More options for a more detailed booking view
  • When you hover over staff pointer, you will see their first name and Last name
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