Month view on Job Schedule

Job Schedule has been enhanced and now allows you to view your Jobs by Month by simply clicking on the Month button.

When you have more than 3 Bookings on the same day, you will see 'N more'. When 'N more' is clicked we will go to the day view for that particular date to see all Bookings. For example, the photo below shows that '4 more' to inform you that there are 4 more Bookings on this day that are not visible.

When viewing the calendar using Month view we show:

  • Booking start time (exc. Bookings that start at 12am)
  • Booking name

When you click on a Booking the summary card appears. This shows:

  • Job name
  • Booking name
  • Client name
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Booking location (Suburb)
  • Start/end time and date of Booking
  • Edit icon to edit Booking
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