As long as a job has a booking, you can create recurring jobs with custom repeating patterns to help automate repeat jobs handled by your business.

Create a Recurring Job

To make a job recurring use the drop down options under the Recurs heading on the right hand side of the job card.

Recurrence Patterns

You can repeat a job in many different ways:

  1. Daily
  2. Weekly on [Day] (e.g. the job occurs each week every Tuesday)
  3. Monthly on the X [Day] (e.g. the job occurs on the 3rd Tuesday of each month)
  4. Annually on [Month] [Date] (e.g. the job occurs annually on Tuesday the 13th of August)
  5. Every weekday (e.g. the job occurs Monday to Friday each week)
  6. Custom

When Custom is selected, this allows users to customise their recurrence pattern and add an End Date. Users can choose to set a recurrence to either never end, end after a specific number of occurrences or on a specific date.

Users will also have the option of carrying over the selected Status and Priority of the job to the recurring jobs. If these are not selected, the default Status and Priority will be selected.

Edit / Delete Recurring Jobs

When editing or deleting a recurring job, we give users the option of making this action to 'This Job', 'This and following jobs' or 'All Jobs' .

Note: Geo creates all recurring jobs 30 days in advance only.

If your business has a lot of regularly scheduled repeat jobs, then the recurring jobs feature can save you admin time, and make sure a job isn't accidentally missed.

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