Contact Customer Support: We're here for our customers. Whether you need to ask a quick question or want us to train you and your team. Call us on 1300 4643 667 to speak to a real person or use the chat box on the bottom right of your screen.

Manage your subscription: Want to sign up, change your licence band or change payment details? This can be done through the subscription setting (seen below in blue). If you'd like help or have questions about your account call us on 1300 4643 667.

Calendar Sync: Would you like to Sync your Geo Schedule with calendar? Easy! This article will help you get set up in minutes.

Clients not paying their bills?: Do you have a client that’s not paying their bills, or you need to blacklist? Did you know you have the option to suspend them? This will stop your team from being able to create jobs for them.

Staff and Clients jobs: Need a history of all the work your team has done for a client or all the jobs assigned to a staff member? You can find them all in one place under the JOBS tab in the Client card or Staff card.

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