Custom Job Statuses

This feature gives you the ability to filter, sort and show the progression of jobs. Once customised to your workflow, statuses/sub-statuses help you quickly identify what stage jobs are at.

  • Customise your job statuses/sub-statuses using the JOB STATUSES tab through your settings
  • Default statuses include: New, In-Progress, On-Hold and Completed
  • You have the capability to add an unlimited number of statuses/sub-statuses
  • Geo gives you the ability to assign a specific colour to each status/sub-status
  • Geo allows you to drag and drop the order of statuses and sub-statuses using the drag/drop icon (left of the colour picker)
  • Hide/show sub-statuses using the slider icon
  • See your job statuses/sub-statuses throughout Geo

E.g. Job List

E.g. Job Overview

Note: only Administrators have access to add, edit and delete job statuses

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