Adding Material & Labour to a Job

To add a Material or Labour, select the [ADD MATERIAL] or [ADD LABOUR] buttons in the 'BILLABLES' tab of a Job.

After selecting whether you want to add a Material or Labour, search for your Material or Labour under the 'Name' field. Simply click on the Material or Labour you searched and save by clicking the tick in at the end of the line item.

Adding Custom Material & Labour

To add a Custom Material/s or Labour/s, simply fill in the required fields instead of choosing an existing Material or Labour.

Editing Material & Labour

To edit a Material or Labour in a job, simply click on the pencil icon at the end of the line item.

Deleting Material & Labour

To Delete Material or Labour, select multiple Materials/Labour and click on the bin that appears next to the [ADD MATERIAL] and [ADD LABOUR] buttons or click on the bin at the end of the line item to delete them individually.

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