The latest 1.3.0 release of Geo's iOS and Android apps, which are available on mobile and tablet, introduce a few great new features.

Barcode scanner

Easily capture images and scan barcodes of items you want to track and save as a Job Note attachment.

As soon as your field teams scan the barcode, it will be visible immediately on the web console.

Potentially saving hours by eliminating issues caused by incorrectly entering the wrong information, or paperwork getting lost between your field staff and head office.

Capture signatures, sign on glass support

Need customer sign off before Jobs can be completed?

Easily capture customer or on-site staff signatures directly on your mobile or tablet device.

Signatures are immediately visible by Administrators in your head office.

This is especially handy for field staff that require sign off from a customer that work has been completed, or a person on-site to prove tht a delivery items has been received.

Other updates:

  • fixed keyboard issue closing each time you click on another field
  • fixed an issue where deleted Bookings on console were not being updated in the apps
  • created a Settings menu option, containing Location and Queue
  • UI improvements on Job Bookings screen to remove duplicate text
  • UX improvement, after creating a Job you are taken to the Job Overview screen
  • Stability improvements on Add Booking screen
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