Notes are added to the job to log additional data or attach files that are related to the job.

On the Job List, choose a job where a note needs to be added. Click the 'actions' tab on the upper right corner of the page where the 'Add note' option appears as part of the drop down menu.

Hitting the 'Add note' option lets the NEW NOTE window to appear. Allowing you to fill out the necessary information for the note.

Heading - serves as the title of the note, this is required for each note.

Description - is where you can add additional descriptive text depending on the nature of the note.

Attachment (paper clip icon) - lets you attaches multiple photos in a note.

To save the note, click 'CREATE'.

With the note attached to the job now this can be viewed from within the console, or by a field worker on their mobile device. This allows your team to communicate and store job critical information all in the one place.

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