The Job List is used to organise all your current and completed jobs, it can be found by clicking on the briefcase dashboard icon (highlighted below). It is also your Geo landing page that displays when you log into your account.

The information fields that are displayed for each job are:

  • Job Reference Number
  • Job Name
  • If the job recurs
  • Bookings
  • Staff Assigned to the Job
  • Client Name
  • Job Priority
  • Job Status

Any of the fields with an up and down arrow next to it indicates that you can use it to sort your job list, this includes by Reference Number, Job Name, Client Name, Priority and Status.
You can use the looking glass symbol (see below) at the top right of the job list to search for a job/s based on Reference Number, Job Name, Client Name, Priority and Status.

In addition to sorting and searching, you can filter your jobs based on a specific date range (by entering information into the 'From' and 'To' boxes near the top left of the job list.

Clicking on the blue filter icon to the left of 'From' will open a drop-down filter list (see below) allowing you to control if you are seeing jobs that have bookings scheduled/unscheduled, have staff assigned to them or not, have a certain priority level, or are a particular status.

Being able to quickly view and analyse the jobs in your system is important for keeping your business organised. Thanks to the job list you have all the tools at your disposal.

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