To sync your Geo Schedule to your Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook navigate to the ‘Calendar’ tab under ‘Settings’. Here you will find a URL that you need to copy, you can do this by simply clicking the button next it.

For Google Calendar:

Go to ‘Settings’, ‘Add Calendar’ and click on ‘From URL’

Finally, paste the URL in and click ‘Add Calendar’

For Outlook Calendar:

Click ‘Add Calendar’ - ‘From Internet’

Paste the URL into ‘Link to the Calendar’, add a name for the calendar below and click ‘Save’

For iCal:

Click 'File' - 'New Calendar Subscription'

Paste the URL in, then click 'Subscribe'

Here you can:

  • Rename the Calendar
  • Edit Alerts and attachments
  • Choose your sync times under 'Auto-Refresh', We suggest changing the auto refresh time from every week - to 5 minutes for Geo to make sure you're not missing important changes

All this information can be accessed by 'control' clicking on the Geo Calendar and selecting 'Get Info'

Sync times:

For iCal this is controlled in the settings as mentioned above and can be as low as 5 minutes.

For Outlook the sync time should be roughly 30 minutes

For Google Calendar the Sync time has varied a lot and can take upwards of 12 hours.

Disclaimer: These times are controlled by the respective calendars and can not be changed by Geo, if you are unsure if a sync has worked properly, please double check you Geo app or console.

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