To make changes on the client details, go to the client list by clicking on the 'CLIENTS' icon on the sidebar and choosing the name of the client you want to make the changes for.

Once inside the client card, click the 'Actions' button on the top right of the page, this will open a drop-down menu allowing you to Edit or Delete the client.

From this page you can edit any of the clients details if information needs to be updated or removed. Additionally you can change the client Status Update the client status by clicking on the drop down arrow on the 'Status' field.

Active - is the default status of the client which allows you to actively add the client to a job.

Suspended - this appears as a red status on the client list and can be used as a visual reminder, for example, when a client has failed to make a payment.

Archived - disables the client from being added to a new job.

To save , hit '✓' on the uppermost right corner of the screen.

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