Prerequisites: What are job bookings?; How to Add a Job

A job booking can be created at the time you create the job, or after the job has been created.

To add a booking after a job has been created go to the job list by clicking on the 'Jobs' icon on the left menu.

Select the job you want to add the booking to and in the overview screen under BOOKINGS just click 'Add Booking'.

The ADD BOOKING window appears, you can assign the job to a staff member or multiple staff members by typing in the ‘Select Staff’ bar. The date bar allows you to choose a specific job date on a calendar. Click on start time of the job visit and drag it down to end time to set the job duration.

Hitting More options on the bottom right corner of the ‘ADD BOOKING’ window gives you the option to manually enter a Booking Name specific to that job visit and manually nominate the start and end date/time.

Click SAVE to complete the job allocation.

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