Prerequisites: How to Add Staff - Console; How to Add a Client - Console

Geo simplifies job management for your business by allowing you to add and schedule a job in the office through the console or on the go through the mobile app.

The '+' icon on the bottom left corner of the screen lets you add a job in one click anywhere in the Geo console.

The ‘JOB DETAILS’ window, then appears where required data is entered.

Client - is the name of the direct person or company name you are doing the job for.
Note: The client must first be added on the client list before adding a job.

Job Address - is the location of the job where job visits are done.

Job Name - is a title of the job that gives your staff an idea of what the job is about.

Job Description - is a field that can be used to provide a detailed description of what needs to be done on the job.

Once the fields are filled out, hitting ‘NEXT’ directs you to the ’ADD BOOKING’ window. You can assign the job to a staff member or multiple staff members by typing their names into the ‘Select Staff’ bar. The date bar allows you to choose a specific job date on a calendar. Click on start time of the job visit and drag it down to end time to set the job duration.

Hitting 'More options' on the bottom right corner of the ‘ADD BOOKING’ window gives you the option to manually enter a Booking Name specific to that job visit and manually nominate the start and end date/time.

Click 'SAVE' to complete the job allocation. The job is saved and you get directed to the ‘Jobs list’ page.

Note: When you assign a Staff member to a Booking, Geo will automatically send a notification via the Geo app to each assigned Staff member with the details of the Booking. If you change a Booking, Geo will also automatically update all assigned Staff indicating that the booking details have changed.

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