In Geo, a booking is an appointment in the form of a time window associated with a job.

A booking can be created with or without a staff member assigned, as long as the job already exists.

You can assign staff to a booking at the time you create the booking, or after the booking has been created.

Bookings can be:

  • Unassigned - a scheduled site visit, without allocating any Staff
  • Assigned - a site visit that you have also allocated Staff

You can allocated or assign one or many Staff members to each Booking.

When you assign a Staff member to a Booking, Geo will automatically send a notification via the Geo app to each assigned Staff member with the details of the Booking.

If you change a Booking Geo will also automatically update all assigned Staff indicating them the booking details have changed.

Your team members can easily create bookings from the Geo web console or Geo apps.

The ability to update Bookings in Geo is controlled by Geo's Staff roles, for information on staff roles click here.

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