Welcome to Geo!

Using Geo, you'll be able to track your businesses clients, create jobs for those clients, and assign your staff and contractors to complete the jobs.

Your team can work remotely and complete tasks, receive updates on jobs and bookings, check-in and report back to the office, attach documents, generate invoices all the while working in the field more efficiently. Before we can get started we'll need to go over a few of the basics.

The three record types we'll need to set up in order to get started are Clients, Jobs, and Staff. You'll also see the term Company listed in a few places, that's what we call your business, and you've already added the information we need when you signed up for Geo.

A Client is any company or person that you do business with. When you set up a new client, it's important to include contact information, an address and billing information so that the whole team has access to the information through Geo when we later set up jobs and generate invoices.

A Job is any work that your team is doing for a client. Jobs need to be associated to a client so that we can tell your team where to go and know who to invoice when the work is complete.

Staff is any Geo user at your company. Adding staff is easy, as an Admin, all you need to do is enter their name and email address, and assign them a role associated with the tasks they need to perform. When the staff member has been added, Geo will email them a link to confirm the creation of their account and download the Geo App. For more information about managing Staff, click here.

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