Contacting Staff and Clients

First lets take a look at how you would send messages. The principal is the same whether you're contacting Clients or Staff, but there are a number of different places where you can create these messages.

Send messages about a Job

From within the Manage Job screen, Send Message is the last option in the green drop down menu. This type of messaging is most practical when the message relates to a specific Job.

Send SMS to Staff and Clients

You have the ability to send this message to both Client and Staff, when you send a text from the Manage Job screen.

Send Staff or Clients an email

Emails sent from the Manage Job screen will allow you to contact the Staff or Client associated with that Job

Send Staff an SMS

In the Staff List you can send SMS messages to one or more of your team. Simply select who you would like to contact; this can be done manually or by Workgroup.

From the Messages Tab

Within the Messages tab you have complete visibility of all your messages. This view is consistent within all Messages Tab views for Jobs, Staff and Clients.

Communicating with us

If, for any reason, you need to get in touch with the support guys here at GeoOp, you can do this from inside the Console. Go to the menu on the top right and click on the envelope to get started. The new message button is at the bottom of the Mailbox. Email us from here, and find other messages from us including Release Updates and Tutorials.


By clicking on the Bell icon you will reveal any Notifications needing attention. These can be a Message status update (Sent, Sending & Failed) or it will quickly allow you to see if an Assigned Job has become Unassigned by a Staff member

The Notifications are contained within a drop down at the bottom of the Bell icon, the number of Notifications will be shown in the green circle until the unread Notification count reaches 99, at this point a '+' symbol will appear and your Notifications will continue to rise.

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