Can't find the help article that solves your problem? So What next?

If your problem is re-occurring, don't worry the support team here at GeoOp are on hand to come to the rescue.

What seems to be the problem?

Just like when you go to the doctors our support need to find the root cause of the problem, and exactly like the Doctors the more information they have the quicker they can diagnose what is causing the issue.

During the investigation process, there are some things that might help the support team identify what's causing the issues, for example, screenshots (which demonstrates what the issue looks like) and the operating system (OS) version, app version.

Does this look normal?

Think of a screenshot like a photo of the screen of your device. There are slightly different ways to do this depending on your device

Where does it hurt?

The next bit of information which the support team will need is the Operating System (OS) version of the device you are using. Below are some screenshots to help you locate the information:

Contacting Support

Once you have as much information about the issue as you can you can then submit a support request.

Other ways we can help

If the problem is occurring on your computer, we can also provide screen-sharing sessions to reproduce the problem right on the spot. Here are some frequently used programs.

Join me allows the support to see what is happening on your Computer.

After seeing this screen, copy the link and send it to support, and we'll be able to see what happens on your screen.

Google Chrome Desktop

If you are using the Google Chrome browser you can install a plugin, which allows the support team to see and have control access of your computer

After seeing this code, send it to support.

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