What's the benefit of going directly to GeoOp?

We will be handling all of your inquiries and support needs. Our support team is available 24/7 via chat or phone call. You also have access to our exclusive free training and webinars at no additional cost.

Will there be changes on my subscription costs?

We are re-aligning your subscription charges to our current market prices.  Please refer to our website for the pricing: https://geoworkforcesolutions.com/geo/pricing/

Why is my subscription cost changing with the transition?

You may notice an increase in the pricing between Telstra and Geoop. Telstra had a wholesale deal with Geoop for bulk licenses which has since expired. We have had some incremental price increases over time that was not passed on via Telstra.

Will I lose my data and start a new account?

No. All the data will remain the same. We will just be changing your billing type from a Telstra-managed to a Geo-managed billing. 

How long will the transition take?

Telstra-managed subscriptions will be transitioning to GeoOp soon. We'll keep your record on file and give you a call to assist with the transition. From there, we will be updating your billing and the changes will apply right away.

How can I get more help from you?

You can reach out to support in 3 ways.

           +61 3 8400 4768 in Australia
           +1 720 316 7268 in the United States
           +64 9 801 6062 in New Zealand.
           +44 20 3318 1122 United Kingdom
27 10 500 9511 South Africa

  • Or use intercom right from the app or any of our websites. Just click on the little intercom logo wherever you see it. (below)
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